Ambient_generic sound delay before each loop?

I’m trying to achieve a heartbeat monitor, like they have in hospitals, sound effect. For that I’m taking a beeping sound and adding a 1 second delay before each loop. Is this possible? If not, I can just name a custom sound.


  1. Don’t let the ambient_generic loop automatically, but do it manually by triggering it with a logic_timer on a regular basis. If the beep is 1 second long and gets triggered every 2 seconds, you’ll have a 1 second delay/silence.
  2. Add silence to the sound effect itself with audio editing software.

Did the second one. My problem now is:
The sound doesn’t loop automatically, and ‘NOT looped’ under flags is unchecked.

If it’s a custom sound, it needs to be a .wav with cue/loop points.

Use Wavosaur for that

Tools -> loop -> create loop points

then find somewhere where there is “Loop on/off”, and click save