Ambuscade from above

Pretty stiff posing.

Oh God, the posing…

Like they said, the models are stiff, even more then mine, perhaps you could make then more loose.

Or use the poser tool on

The lighting is amazing.

Posing not so much.

Sorry bout the posing this was a little bit rushed.

Don’t rush.

use this it really help :wink:


Congratulations you succeeded in making a bad pose with ragdoll mover.
And as a topping for the cake you covered it with half-assed blurring. :dance:

Sorry but…that’s terrible

congradulations you’re a stupid troll 8D

i don’t find it so awful, but well if you say it u_u

Change the phys.file on the model.

Please, do elaborate how that makes me a troll.

I don’t see why I would waste my time for you u_u

do you want to just paint yourself green and stick horns on your head at this point? I don’t think Exorade is quite getting it

See now that’s pretty funny, because you’re being more of a troll.

Not bad, the posing is a bit strange…

Also, front soldier holding that gun like…hissss preeecioouuusss

Supposed to be COD style >_>

On another note, anyone know if there is a Cottontail rabbit head model here? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s a little specific. You might be able to find a rabbit, but definitely not one that’s a “Cottontail’s head”.