Ambush! And Fight Club Master.

Two new ones, hope you enjoy.
-If you are commenting about my Quality(graphics), please note I had everything on High/Very High, and had full resoultion… I hope that is the right way to improve Quality(Graphics).

How do they have anything to do with Fight Club?

Only one of them? And Fight Club doesnt have to always refer to the actual show?

You REALLY should work on posing first.

Yes I should, these are the last two… and then I will go into deep DEEP posing training, in the deep mountains of somewhere. In short, I know I should, and will make that my goal over the next months, before releasing another shitty idea I come up with.

Yeah Winnmp, just practice your posing. Don’t be in such a hurry, even take up to 1 1/2 hours on one ragdoll

Ok then, I think I start only doing posing on the Weekends, so I have as much time as needed to pose something. Thanks.

-Any postives on this, though?

Is 800x600 seriously your screen resolution?
Oh wow I didn’t expect anyone to have that.

I think he should actually pose. That GMan is a npc. The filters are also kinda awkward. The foreground of the first pic looks “shaky”.

first,doesn’t look like an effective ambush since he’s just standing there

and,Fight Club?

overall,pictures makes no sense

Protip : pressing RENDER when using Super Dof suddenly makes things more awesome.

I accidentally put the pictures out of order, if you were thinking the first one was Ambush, and the second was Fight Club. Sorry for the confusion.



Uh, what?