Ambush attempt by Insurgents

Title fail.

Used about an hour overall so it’s not big dealz.
C&C anyways.

I spy a bald spot :smiley:

Pretty cool rick, though i dont like the guy on the left smiling about the dead body

Where are the insurgents?

Right here.

See the brain matter on the truck?

That’s them.

Thanks for the comments.
And Dean I made the insurgents invisible to you, so you wouldn’t need to see this madness… :v:

woa, i really love this one, scene build mh? Still pretty awesome and mappy-looking.

Funny, how that guy does thumbs up and the other guy is laughing at that dead guy. Oh he’s even making pictures. lol.

SCAR is totally out of place considering they’ve got old gear. But that’s a detail. Good picture overall. :wink:

Shit. I actually never noticed. I’m used to posing with scar :v:

Its not a scene build its the City 8 District 9 map.

I dont like the angle for some reason, but the posing is nice.

lol looks great!
BTW I tried downloading this map and putting it to the addons folder, but it didn’t work. Can anyone help me?

Great posing. Could do with some more contrast though.

Ever considered putting it in your “map” folder?

the guy on the left needs a camera

He has a cellphone