AMBUSH!(rebels encounter combine on roofs+bonus)

Rise and shine.

The eyes on the male_04 and female_1 are not shown because they are blue(the filters i used were too strong for that)

Oh hell it’s snowing everywere.

What combine? :v:

Bit odd with the green tint. Looks like Fallout 3. That’s a bad thing btw.

Don’t you know mister offscreen ?

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It fit with the picture when i was using filters. Might as well change it.

not to shabby…eh

Lol the guy with the G3 is like “Derp, imma touch dis flash”

I thought the rebels were looking at the falling snowflakes

Awkward colors, not bad at all but awkward.

The editing doesn’t look very good, but the posing is nice.

Filters on the first are fuckawful. Don’t use them again, they fucked the colour and totally blew out the highlights. Muzzle flash doesn’t look like a flash, it looks like a glowing novelty balloon. Second pic is better, but nothing special - it’s pretty drab itself.

Yeah those filters, i’ll never use that shit again. Oh and the flash is because of the filters, thanks for the comments guys.

Looks like shit, nigger.