"Ambush team ready for ambush"


pretty bad scenebuild.

Bad scenebuild? I kinda like it.

looks like Japan
this is really good, idk why you said bad scenebuild because it’s good
nice everything, especially the DoF
good job

Looks more like Russia… Reminds me of MGS3, i like it.

Wow, talk about unfitting camo for the situation.

May as well put giant neon signs around them saying "HI, THIS IS AN AMBUSH TEAM! PREPARE TO BE AMBUSHED!

did u see “loose ends” mission?

did u buy modern warfare2?

Looks smexy.

could you buy me mw2?
do you bluffing with your mw2?

wow damn swagger.

please could you get me mw2 before you say to me “do you have mw2?” ?

please buy mw2 before you say to him “did u see “loose ends” mission?” ?

I think you are swagger about ya model huh?

nope i’m not swagger bout my models.
but i’m proud of me. LOL.

u didnt understand what i just said

I think u can’t understand what i said.

yes i understand.

I thought grassy scenebuilds weren’t meant to show the ground. I can see Flatgrass.

so it’s sux.
hey where is kickass scenebuild

go make ur own world n be a king

no i dont want to be king of my world, I want to be counter man.
man i dont even have mw2 how do i make my own world?


oh and if i can make my own world. i want to make biyach world
imagine it. biyach world


Pointless conversation is pointless.
The scenebuild looks amazing but its :smug: :smug: :smug:

Oh you Koreans and your silly English. :buddy:

me bad englisyyy,…