"Ambush Team Ready" - One Germany Soldier is aiming to enemy


Wow, nice posing. DOF makes it nice too!

Why is everybody making “Aiming at” and and those war poses?
They are always the same.
Picture is cool except the blue barrel.
Doesnt fit in the picture.

just because the war poses are nice and funny

then why don’t you pose some war poses?

Nice scenebuild apart from the blue barrel.

Because he obviously doesn’t like them. That’s why.

The pose is pretty realistic apart from the gun being too small in comparison to the soldier than it would be in real life.

It is called generic. You’ll see that a lot around here.

I think i’ve never seen in my life a generic picture of a guy coming from somewhere else than THE LEFT SIDE.

Left side shows off the pose and the weapon model better. It’s the natural choice.


Oh wow I actually found a picture where I have some guys aiming to the left:

This one isn’t generic you cockfag D:

Where can i get that sexy texture :smug:?