Does anyone else find a nice target in the day, then when night comes light a campfire and wait patiently for players to come and see what the light is?

One guy was in his house all day and i set up a campfire just to the left of it, when night was approaching i lit it and sneaked back to my spot between some rocks and waited till he came out and had a look at it. A silenced P250 did the job nicely!

Anyone else have any hunting stories?

Well, a classic is (if you have a friend), is to go to a front of a house, hide in a bush or something, have your friend go naked in front of the door and start bashing it in with a rock. The insider will definitely come out and try to kill the naked rock dude, and you can easily take him out from the bush :stuck_out_tongue:

You sir, are sick! You need to be medicated! Haha.

I’ve been having an on going war with Crazed on the UK server.

He is a good sport.

But i kept shooting him with a shotgun and he just wasn’t going down. At this point me and my friend knew we had to play splat the rat…

Got my friend to distract him outside running around like a nudist, and then i dug several shotgun pellets in to his spine.

There laid Crazed… The greatest challenge i ever knew.

I ran around a house singing for them inside… they did not come out tho :frowning:

Sounds like you need singing lessons… :wink:

I see people leaving rocks inside of the airplane drops and just waiting.

Sometimes I also put doors in some natural buildings and leave them opened in order to trap some people inside.

Sometimes left a box with a few stuff in my house (one room only) and one door open and when someone comes in … baaang! I mean, I just trap them inside.