always trust in jenkins to make good content

Epic as always.

I liked the one with the sniper more. But this one’s still amazing.

Those Highs look alot like the KZ1 Helghast sniper with that camo.

The foliage on the ground is way to sparse, though honestly I don’t know how to remedy that aside from placing more foliage, which wouldn’t look right in this scene.

Everything else looks good though. I’m not a fan of the colors, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good. Anyways, good stuff.

Yeah I had that problem while scene building it, originally I had a lot more foliage but it didn’t fit the pacific-y vibe.

The foliage itself is kind of screwed up in the sense that in gmod they appear as too detailed. I’m talking about the roots and the different bushes on the right, it’s as if they’re was too sharpened. Maybe smudging/blurring them could’ve helped, it’s like they stand out somehow.

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*left, not right