It’s HUGE (if you have a 800 x 600 monitor) Media Tagged for size.

C&C Yada Yada

It’s not huge, people got nice monitors nowadays. Anyway posing seems fine, but there’s no fingerpose, the ground is way too flat for some snow thingy; fucked up source shadows, you should try to use Sdof to both fix your Aliasing and get a real focus in your picture, also angle is not great at all.

Oh, I was thinking everyone used 16:9
Also SDoF is fucked up to hell for some reason, it just covers my screen in brown and white.
Also those models aren’t fingerposable.

Hahaha, huge. Good one!

the picture is okay anyway, posing needs some work.

Thanks for your input

Huge ? It’s even 50 % of my screen ( spicy story senor ).

Otherwise, posing is cool, but the rest is kinda empty and flat, some aliasing too.

I think the posing is great, a couple of mistakes in the fingerposing maybe but the rest is pretty cool.
The surroundings are pretty bland tho. (The map)

I laughed for some reason.