Ambushed by a Black Hawk

Rotor and posing practise. The editing didn’t go as well as planned, but now I have a hang of creating moving rotors (Though a bit weird at this point)


Hm, didn’t quite get the railing in the image.

Also pretty obvious which scene I ripped this from (If you saw the movie).

how on earth did that sneak up on him? It’s petty loud.

Well he’s supposed to be on a bridge, being just shot by a fighter (I am totally not stealing this from a particular scene), and while he’s dazed, a black hawk comes up from under the bridge.

Why would the man in “the middle” (lower right) not point his gun at him? And the left guy’s hands look a bit weird :slight_smile:

He looks awfully calm.

what movie :v

MI:III. :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t find the picture of reference, but it’s the point where the helicopter just rises up, and didn’t realise he was there.

Oh yeah. That’s because there was lots of gunfire and he nearly got killed by an explosion.