"Ambushed!" - Some NSF soldiers come under heavy fire in heavy rain.

Generic rain edit, ahoy!

I originally wanted it to be snow, but then gave up when it started looking like rain too much.

C&C please and thanks,

Nice I like the posing, but the rain looks too much like hail imo.

I think it’s alright, the guy getting shot dousen’t look very into it, and the rain isen’t giving me the whole wet feel, just looks like it’s there.

But nice either way man

Another piss-storm

Looks good, but I think you could do better.

I’m going realism aspect, even that I suck at doing everything realistic.

Its raining, with a concrete kind of floor and a slope, this would you say means that there need to go little streams of water down (Also giving concrete darker colour and making it shiny).
And cuz of the rain wouldn’t the blood be in that kind of perfect splatters, but it would pool of like red limonade (dunno) So in the general it needs a more ‘wet’ feeling, with limonade like blood and more shiny stuff. (Puddles?)

Decapitated Limbs, Yay!

you mean dismembered because you can only decapitate someones head

It’s snow on concrete.

Ow, Then wounldn’t the snow get somesort of washed away by rain?

Maybe it only just started raining.