Ambushing the Russians

Fun Fact: Had to rebuild it twice because the save kept corrupting for no reason.

You dont ambush the russians, they ambush you

I see what you did there

Russians don’t ambush you, finns ambush russians.

OnTopic: Posing is good, can’t see anything wrong about it. Editing is nice too, but the missile effects and the muzzleflash look a bit off.

Posing is quite good but the editing not so good in places. Scene-build is quite nice.

They don’t really look like they’re getting ambushed. Nice posing though.

I wonder how the hell they didn’t get noticed with that camouflage. Also goes to the missile launcher. Nice scene though.

very nice pose and scene build
but you should of re-colored the marines.

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK! Whats up with the error?

Haha the hackers fucking OWNED the internet

you know, I thought something looked odd

Erm, I don’t know what’s with the error. There was a picture there.


Bumb - Picture fixed.