AMD A-10 7850K CPU/APU enough?

I’m looking at building a budget machine with the combo proc video card CPU. Has anyone tested rust with this CPU yet

You’ll have much better luck/responses here:

You should be fine, IIRC the brand new AMD A10 APUs are paired with R9 GPUs, which is plenty for Rust. That being said, it is an integrated one, which is not as good as it’s complete card counterpart, but it should play fine on high and still might max it.


The A10-7850K has an R7 core with 512 shaders, which puts it somewhere between an R7 250 and 250x when comparing just the core alone. The problem is that the discrete GPUs have more and much faster and dedicated GDDR RAM, something which the APU doesn’t.

To get any sort of respectable performance out of the IGP on the APU, he’ll need to have a lot of the fastest DDR3 he can get his hands on. So he’d need DDR3-2133 with the lowest CAS latency he could find to get maximum performance, though it’d still be well below what a discrete card could offer.

How much would you consider to be substantial? Around 8GB? Honestly would it just be cheaper to buy a dedicated graphics card and a cheaper processor?

amount isn’t the issue, you are looking at higher frequency RAM and lower latency in order to even come close to matching performance.These modules might be of use.

After update i have around 60+ fps on my very slow pc (athlon 2 x3 435, hd 6570, 1024x768, render quality low). Before i had around 50 fps. New update is cool (+20% performance). But i still have freezes on highly populated areas (many pilars, walls, etc.). Most likely my processor is not enough. If the developers fix this issue would be great.

I have an A10 6600K and the game is pretty playable on Good graphics.