AMD fix yet?

Here is some problems i like to adress

  1. Is there anychance that the devs soon looking into the AMD cards bug, i looked in the other topics and nothing seems to work, the game run also wery laggy ect ect, and yes i tryed the grass.

  2. EU central still blocking players out, i havnt been able to join since last friday now (since the update)

all worked fine on the other engine, untill the rock update and some anti DDos code!



Garry Posted this:

Hey guys… can you try running with any of these command lines… to see if they make a difference.

-force-opengl (Windows only)
Make the editor use OpenGL for rendering, even if Direct3D is available. Normally Direct3D is used but OpenGL is used if Direct3D 9.0c is not available.

-force-d3d9 (Windows only)
Make the editor use Direct3D 9 for rendering. This is the default, so normally there’s no reason to pass it.

-force-d3d11 (Windows only)
Make the editor use Direct3D 11 for rendering.

the -force-d3d9 worked finnally, if i put it into steamsettings, but still cant join the EU central server

Good to know, I haven’t had problems as I’m on an NVidia GT 440 right now, but just ordered a kit on sale from Newegg which includes an ATI Radeon HD 7790 (should be a pretty big step up for me), which from what I’ve heard has driver issues with Rust.
So forcing d3d9 helps then? Does OpenGL work as well?

dont know, i justed place the -force-d3d9 in the steam startup for rust, worked flawless ever since

same here for the d3d9 code finally runs smooth.