AMD Gaming Evolved

Amd gaming evolved suports Rust but i cant record or stream on twitch, i can only record with Dxtory, btw rust is only game i have on amd gaming evolved that cant record in game…

Anybody knows a solution?

just to use one of the compatible programs instead.

Well amd gvr is on the list, and as i said it doesnt work

then i’d try opening a ticket with EAC, or waiting for knubbe to find this thread;) i personally have no idea, sorry.

Its fine, thank you for the link :slight_smile:

Same issue here. I can’t record any Rust experimental footage with my AMD videocard (Sapphire Radeon HD 7950). I tried with the latest OBS and Action! It’s just giving me a black screen.

It works with dxtory, but i want gvr to work because there is almost no frameloss

Try running in windowed? I can only capture in OBS while window/game catcher (not monitor capture) while the GAME is windowed. Just click the windowed box on Rust launcher, and make sure your desktop, Rust, and OBS are all manually set to the same resolution.

Oh and learn to use auto-hide taskbar lol.

Same, i want to record rust videos but i cant (with GVR obviusly)

Any tips?


Thanks for reporting this. We will test it out and fix the compatibility for AMD GVR.

Im sorry but streaming rust with OBS as “Game Capture” is not working. It gives me black screen. Can you check that as well?

Window Capture with OBS! I have an amd card and it Works fine with some tinkering. Could be easier, ie. work the first time with game capture but nothing terrible. If Windowed mode is bugging you, try using a program called “borderless gaming” and you can have the best of both worlds, namely the game doesn’t got black for your streaming software while you switch over to it.

Better yet, don’t use a 3rd party program. Just add:


to the launch options.

Right click Rust in your Steam library and click “Properties”

Click “Set Launch Options”

Type “-popupwindow” (without the quotes) in the box

Now click “Ok” then “Close”, and you will be running Rust in a borderless window, no extra software required. I can use OBS and Dxtory to record and broadcast without any issues this way, and do it quite often, so I know it works.

AMD GVR still doesnt work, does anybody else using it?