AMD graphics card isseu

lets start with my problem
my game crashes at least once a hour up to 10 times in 1 min so it gets pretty bad sometimes.
now i played with about 10 people 7 of them had nvidea cards and did not crash at all. the other 3 had amd cards and crashes all the time also i asked another few people on the server and only the ones with amd cards seemed to crash.
it mostly happen around sunset but that could be just random.
also there seems to be one fix and that is turning the graphics settings down to fastest in the launcher. any in-game options don’t seem to make a difference.
but this isn’t really an option playing with such a low LOD.
i suggest you test the game with a amd card i cant really say anything about it since it doesnt crash with an error.

Thanks in advance Garry.

my specs.
2x 290x lightning (i turned crossfire off and on)
i7 4770k
asus xonar phoebus sound card

got all the latest drivers installed tested it even with beta drivers

I have XFX Radeon HD 7800 Series and i dont have any crashes. But it must be from card to card.

what graphics settings did you choose at the launcher?
maybe its just with the newer AMD cards so far every one i met crashes with AMD

No problems with AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series here.

Currently playing with “good” in launcher settings.

I have a r9 290x and I had the same problem you are describing but it stopped after one of yesterdays patches.

I was having numerous crashes often before the major wipe and only seem to do it occasionally or rarely now, usually after a couple of hours of straight play.

Older AMD 5870.

No crashes here with: Radeon R9 290 OC 4GB DDR5.

i7 5820K
16GB 2133 DDR4
Samsung 1TB SSD (840 EVO)

Game crashes every time when disconnecting from server and sometimes during gameplay.
Can press chat all button and type message, but cannot send any text.

AMD HD 7970 3GB
i7 3770
16 GB ram
Intel 510 SSD 250 GB
Windows 10 (Build 9926)

I used to have random crashes as well, but haven’t had one since the update on Thursday.

I have an AMD R9 270.

Twin Radeon HD 7950s, crossfired. Random crashes and freezes, some f which may be related to the new networking library, but they were happening before Raknet was introduced.