AMD R9 290, 5+ minute Asset warmup?

Whenever I join a server the asset warmup counter out of 1600 takes about 5 minutes if not longer. A couple of times it loaded up in a jiffy but that was very rare. Could this have something to do with the way my card is handling the files vs. an Nvidia card? Hard drives are all A-OK, running games off a separate drive than the SSD OS and such. I’ll post my speccy info when I get home.

You should have the game on the SSD, my asset pre-loading loads under a minute now and it used to take 5 minutes on the hard drive. Why on earth would you have an SSD and not use it…?

I’ve got a mechanical hard drive (2 wd black in raid 0), the asset loading is quite fast maybe something like 15 seconds. amd 280x

Put your games on the ssd, are you crazy

Please post your full specs. Let me guess, Intel CPU?

I have only a 1th hdd and to be honest after toying around i changed my load time from 25 minutes to about 4 minutes total by changing my virtual ram from the automatic 6gigs to a forced 10-20gigs. Honestly windows would never need this but it helped with load times and increased my button reaction and fps as well. Just thought i would pass it along.

Forgot I posted this thread, problem persists though. Thing is, I know the game is capable of loading up these assets very quickly because it HAS before, and sometimes it goes twice as fast and takes about two minutes. 90% of the time it’s 5+ min though…odd.

I’d be interested to see if it’s my GPU more than anything, 980ti is incoming Monday or Tuesday.

Also a sidebar I use reports my GPU clock at no more than about 800MHz when in-game, though this is the OC it’s running on:

I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the differences between HDD and SSD speeds, and it just seems like something else is at play here. It’s like I’m joining a modded Gmod server for Christs sake…

My SSD is only 128GB and holds my OS and is at capacity, so no Rust. I’ll try reinstalling it to my 10,000 rpm Raptor HDD and see if that changes the load times any.

800mhz RAM? Seriously?


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I run Steam/Rust on my 120ssd.

Cotton Try creating a ram disk and putting rust on it, super fast loading times. :slight_smile:

It’s 1600 DDR3, everything’s okay.

In the specs he posted its only 800 DDR3.

Would you recommend ImDisk software as a free RAMdisk setup option?

double that number because ~magic~

Well my 980ti arrives tomorrow finally and I’m curious to see if eliminating overdrive and driver BS changes loading times, though that should be entirely HDD-dependent.

Life is hard:

not sure computers work that way mate.

If you say so.

Can’t seem to install RUST directly to the new drive letter RAM disk I create using IMdisk, and it disappears after restart (sure this is normal), what should I be doing differently?

FYI, DDR= Double Data Rate. DDR3 1600 RAM runs at 800 MHz. Go figure.

there are so many different software out there… Here are a list of some of the most common ones. I use the Ram Disk Software that came with my Motherboard

This thread has a list and a basic screenshot of its UI, find one you think looks easiest to use. I’d also recommend one that features auto backups.