AMD Raptr stopped working for no reason.

So, i was playing last night around 2 am or atleast the last clip i recorded stated i recorded it then. Later today i started Rust again and no matter what i do i can’t seem to get Raptr to work with rust anymore. Restarted my PC several times, reinstalled CCC Driver, reinstalled Raptr 3 times, but nothing? Maybe anyone else has the same problem, because i checked the witcher 3 and planetside 2 and Raptr will start up straigth away when loading the game.

We had to temporarily disable Raptr because of system incompatibility. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll report back here as soon as we deployed the update on our end. (probably tomorrow)

OMG, thank you so much for letting me know so quick! Even though it doesn’t work this is a releave to me. People where wondering why i was bitching for the last 3 hours, because I was 100% sure i didn’t change anything.

People really use raptr?

Why? I know I had my complains about it before, but it’s just easy to use. If it’s about the game settings optimizations. I have to agree, this doesn’t work very well. But I am a PC gamer, so I know what settings I preffer to run my games at.

Any news yet?