[America]Hardcore PVP | Deathmatch Arena | Guns Kit | Home Teleport | Vinegar


New Rust Game server:
[America]Hardcore PVP | Deathmatch Arena | Guns Kit | Home Teleport | Vinegar

Website: www.rustpvp.org

Rust - F1 to get to console - type net.connect

We are made in America. Get some PVP with guns & ammo on startup and death. You will always be able to jump back in to the fight right way after death.

  • We have a fully functional Team Deathmatch Arena with prizes setup in a custom enclosed compound.
  • You can fully customize your house with and remove any part, including foundations and pillars.
  • We also have teleporation back to your houses.
  • There is a automated map tracking so you can see a map with your location.
  • Plugins are updated without server restarts.
  • Talk to your friends with our personal messaging system
  • Airdrops happen automatically with only 15 people logged in.
  • Admins are very active and helpful to all.
  • Admin ticketing system so you can always voice your needs to an Admin.