I would like to point out that I am indeed a citizen of the United States of America and I love my country.

West side motherfucker



“Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental” typically people only put that type of warning on stuff when there actually are similarities to real events.

Thats the joke.

Are you the new Crazy Knife?

“springsteen smash” hahahaha

Why did they say “For king and country”?

It’s called “a joke”

Not even close.


Didn’t see any Knights flipping people off

Ah, of course. And no RPG spears either.

I lost it at the “Its called a whopper! Eat it you fuck!”

Oh God that was great.

That was fucking hilarious.

That Springsteen Smash…
So funny :smile:

I also lost it at that part.

The second I saw youtube video featuring those AMERICUH dolls, I knew when to play song.
And it fit perfectly into that comic.