American about to ambush two Germans.

Is it considered wasted space on the far right? If so I can crop it.

Angle is nice, and the posing on the germans is ok, but the posing on the right arm of the american is too close to his chest.

You’re right. Just noticed the clipping on his right are with his chest. Sorry about that.

He’s gonna throw a smoke at there faces… it could’ve atleast been a grenade.

Something fishy is going on up in here.

Dem boys are gonna rejoice and say its okay to be gay.

Is he cross-eyed?

He ain’t from Cleveland that’s for sure.

Throw the smoke to distract them then shoot em up.


I guess so.

Smoke grenades take a moment to set off and old smoke grenades only gradually disperse their contents. So the Germans would be like “shit grenade! wait, the fuck is this?” and then blast the yank while he tries to fight back.

If you threw it over there heads and near the wall it would distract them enough to pop out and light them up.

I’m pretty sure they’d just see you in their peripheral vision and ignore the smoke grenade.

Well you’re just impossible. :colbert:


Posing is stiff and unrealistic.


And why does it seem like an enlisted man be (what looks like) questioning an officer?

I disagree on the posing and that “officer” is just a sniper :hehe:

He could be like one of those epic dudes… on war movies, where the officers decision got his men killed and stuff.

What’s the need for smoke? The germans are unarmed.


The posing is still trash.
Youre starting to be annoying like Zilo.

A: Who the hell is Zilo?
B: I think that the only bad posing is on the American’s right arm. I think the Germans are posed well enough and so do other posters apparently.
C: You’re starting to get annoying. You attempt to criticize things that aren’t wrong. Example, my current TF2 picture in the front page.