American Airborne in France

Is the german guy ragdoll from rnl ?(Why didn’t you stay longer?)

Yes, and because I went to play Red Dead Redemption.

The German seems to be either tensed up in the back or floating.

Where are the baguettes?? That is not France.

The krauts ate them.

nice pic

Oh my God, horrible face model.

Yeah, I got kinda lazy with the faces I made for the airborne models. I basically just slapped on different facemaps from Medal of Honor Airborne onto different citizen heads. I only included them because people might have wanted a bit more variety and since changing them back to the original faces is something even a monkey could do.

Remember that people change the direction of their eyes more than they change the direction of their heads. The neck in this picture looks uncomfortable.

You seriously need to work on your posing and making people look natural. He looks like a stiff poorly animated dude.
Besides the camera angle is boring contrast is repulsive. It is just generally not a good picture. I wouldn’t call it bad either, but there is just nothing at all that will catch your eye…