American Airborne Soldier Walking Alone in a Street

practice at shading and shadowing

comments and criticism appreciated

Nice posing and shading, I like it.


Not gonna comment on the wasted space :v:

I tried, stupid photoshop >:(

Well, it looks nice.

Posing and shading is nice enough but the camera is unnecessarily tilted, the fingers on the left hand are clipping a little and that BAR looks tiny.

That loner.


he’s too cool for friends

The shadow is very ambient. I like it.

this would be 100% if there was a dead nazi corpse right underneath the crossed bars (hanging over the edge of course)

What a coincidence, so am I!


Small BAR!

Oh hey, it’s Jim_Riley! :buddy:

next time, next time…

the soldier, bob his name, is genetically different from everyone therefore making him a larger size than the rest of his squad and army

Makes sense. :golfclap:

nice one hellfire!