American Airman*

Well this is close to one of my last poses for awhile I leave for Airforce basic training Monday September, 21st 2009. So I decided to make a pose for the U.S Airforce, I added in the last verse of The Airman’s Creed. Not really looking for criticism on this one but feel free to leave some.


I may have acouple more poses before I go in, but just incase… Goodbye and I will see you guys in a couple months.

That’s an odd place to put an airport… Unless the jet likes to fly with it’s wheels down.

Very imformative.

also is that plane landing or taking off

Jet is flying low it’s not an airport… and i did not notice the wheels being down : /

see above

BTW aparently cbble has a VERY low sky thats as high as it could go I did want it a little higher up but oh well flying low works too

the jet needs some motion blur, but i like the picture overall. 3/5.

Why are so many people obsessed with motion blur, Now adays a SHIT camera will take that out… motion blur in photography is usually a strike against you unless used for artistic expression

edit BUT HEY thanks for pointing out the wheels lol i just photoshopped them out i’ll post it up in a sec after it uploads POSTED

It shows that it is in motion more then just hovering there.

well there is a jet stream behind it… (i know hard to see with flag infront)

usually I’m not mean to learners, but in this case, I must be, so I can teach you something.

Even if that is true, that cameras can capture high-speed objects with crystal clear definition, it’s still an invalid artistic statement for your pose. the jet looks as if it is just floating there, and this is not photography(even if you DID use the camera tool.) Poses are works of art, not a simple snapshot. IF you want to make your pose look better, use motion blur on high-speed objects.

The way explain how motion blur is used in photography makes it look like you’re attempting to cover up the fact that you either forgot to blur the jet OR that you truly think high-speed objects without blur is better. Either way, take some suggestions from people. Unless you are a true professional at poses, listen to the masses.


I didn’t even notice the jet stream until you pointed it out. Even then, I had to look hard to see it. You need to make sure that you either make something look like it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing, OR you don’t do it at all and get criticized.

-Snip- Yeah getting rid of my part of the stupid argument, Yeah a little ashamed by the way I reacted but don’t like being talked down to

^ Even though theres a jetstream, it doesnt show the motion on the jet


I love how you decide to retort so violently when I’m trying to help.

I’ll point out your flaws then:

The man looks very stiff, as if he were some sort of human scarecrow. His hat is placed on his head awkwardly, it doesn’t even look like it fits on his head.

The low opacity American flag obscures your vision of the jet’s vapor stream. Needless to say, it becomes difficult to understand the jet’s movement. **Generally speaking, we can assume the jet is moving, but we’re criticizing on how it DOESN’T look like it’s moving. **

Also, you don’t necessarily need over a dozen people to point out the flaws in your picture to realize that there is something wrong with it. That last sentence also made you look like a asshat who’s unable to take criticism.

So how about this: **IMPROVE. ** And don’t even attempt to ‘retort’ by insulting a critic because that’s what we do. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the fucking kitchen.


take his crit

and sorry I wont bother to give some crit in the future for you since your just really complaining

Dude, there is no arguing about his, he just told you some issues with the pic. You either improve them or just ignore him.


Oh give me the original Ill edit in that motion blur and see how much better it will look.

  1. Yes, apparently I never have drilled, and now that I do notice that it’s how it should be.

  2. The hat looks as if it’s about to fall off his head.

  3. Apparently you can’t find a decent paradox for my ‘comments’, and I never said I acted smart. Stop manipulating words.

  4. I never said two people was a dozen. I said “Also, you don’t necessarily need over a dozen people to point out the flaws in your picture to realize that there is something wrong with it.” That insinuates that you do not need a medium amount of people to get your problems flagged. How about you L2Grammar.

  5. I take your criticism fair and square. If I rejected it with a simple “NO YOU’RE WRONG”, you have the right to say that. But as of far, I have not, so I CAN argue my case.

Also, you’re the artist. I’m the critic. What do critics do? We find your problems so you can fix it. The artist isn’t supposed to fight back with verve; he takes it and improves upon it.


right, you know what; forget you and forget your pictures. take your fail and stick with it. people try to help you; you complain about it.

this is like teaching a bear how to backflip over a pickup truck.

Have fun