American ambushing German in the sewers.


  • I know that’s not how you hold a thompson. I just thought it’d look better if he held it with one hand at that angle.

  • I did what I was told in the last thread with the guy being shot, arms forward, chest leaned forward, head tilted slightly down and leaning forward.

  • Muzzleflash sparks. I know I was told it looked like a sparkler, but if I did it myself with Photoshop, well… Just look at the blood for the answer to that one.

  • I don’t know what’s up with the feet, my guess is it’s the water reflection and angle., ingame they were posed perfectly flat.


Blood is ugly.

I know. Sadly, i’m not a photoshop god like Vman or Chesty. I do what I can though so it doesn’t seem empty.

This excuse is used all the time. If you know it looks bad then practice more.

posing need work

Actually they both use GIMP.
And true the blood is bad and the posing needs some work(The guy getting shooted is awfully posed).

You forgot me :saddowns:

Remove those little sparkle streams, makes the gun look like some 50’s toy

This. Seriously, it looks like he was propped up and already dead. The American needs work, too, the one-handed shot looks… awkward.

German’s posing needs work, otherwise it’s cool

I like how the German is walking on water.

Looking at it, I think I should have bent the German a bit more and pulled his hand over to where he’s getting shot. Thanks for the C&C.

I consider GIMP photoshop.

Aww you beat me too it.

Not too cool :frowning: