American ambushing traveling German sniper.


  • I understand the blood is bad. Practice makes perfect.
  • I understand people dislike the muzzle flash, but i like it.
  • The sniper is sliding down the wall, that’s why he’s posed like that.

I like the muzzleflash but hey… You didn’t make it.

not really an ambush but it’s good apart from what you mentioned :3

germans just like…
“aww dude that was uncalled for”
he has such a relaxed face, was stoned?


if you KNOW those where the bad points, why did you not work on them more?

Ok pic I guess. Work more on the posing. German guy could have died in a more interesting pose.

When ambushed, surprise is not a factor, that is if the ambush has been executed well:)

Ambush? Camera angle makes it look like they’re both just standing in a street (and the camera angle leaves so much wasted space on the left). Also the positioning of the German is illogical because, if the American is ambushing him, then that infers that the German is on the move… however he is stood in a corner where the route behind him is blocked off.

You need to stop trying so hard to do blood editing and just do some interesting and original posing, instead of this “over-the-shoulder camera, US guy shoots a German” stuff.

link to the model of the SSman please?

When I thought of on the move, I meant he was moving sniper positions. He’s in that position because in a war zone, you always get to check open area’s before you cross. That’s what I was trying to make it look like. But i understand where your coming from.