American/British 18th Century Models

American/British 18th Century Models, from the Napoleonic wars or the American Revolution.

Wow this is a good idea but what sort of regiment uniform as there are many personally I would like to see 95th rifles regiment as seen in the t.v show sharpe but also you should ask for the French army , also they could make the rifle used in sharpe NO it’s not a musket but also what about the flitock pistols, plus in napoleonic wars had Spanish resistance fighters … Just some more ideas but also there should be npc versions as well an player models

why dont you look for chinese models, Eric Ling.

Why would he? He’s looking for British and American revolutionary war soldiers.

Well, you can find lot’s of those in BG2 content, they updated their ragdolls, so they’re not as bad as they used to be.

Someone could of course always port models from Napoleon TW.

yeah, but the models is kinda small there :stuck_out_tongue:

The models in BG2 when you bring them over to GMod are too large. You could be stabbing the model but do no damage.

How about some 19th century stuff? never have enough steam-power.

How about we make our own request threads about completely different stuff than the OP and with a bit more description than just “A CENTURY!!”.

Here is a link to the playermodels with some weapon models:

The playermodels are too large, maybe could someone make them a bit smaller?

awesome, im gonna make a rp of this