American Mcgee's Alice Need compiling/ragdolling

After a long night I finally found out how to rip models from American Mcgee’s Alice. But I suck at source modeling, so if anyone wants to compile them, I can provide them the files they will need, they aren’t T pose, but I will try to get the best ones for rigging I can get. Alice uses a weird system for models (.SKB is the model, .SKA are animations/bones ect) so I have to look for a good pose to send out for compile.

If anyone is willing to compile some models (Ragdolls and statics if I rip any random props) please post and I will give you the models and textures.

These are 3DSMAX 7 renders

Here is a render of Alice in the closet thing to a T pose I can find.

I’ll go rip the Cheshire Cat now



White Rabbit


Gryphon :4chan:


I have all the textures for them, and the models for all 4 above waiting to be converted to source.
Please post if you want to convert them.
I may do more later

Holy shit do want. After playing the game I always wanted them for Garrysmod.

If I can find someone to ragdoll them, it would be nice, then my sleepless night would have been fruitful :smiley:

Took me forever to find something to open .skb

This is EPIC.

I love that game.

My sister has that game but our computers are too updated to play them :v:

Bump because I am still willing to rip models from the game…and I want these converted

Please do, I love anything Alice in Wonderland related, and getting this close to having alice models in gmod is a dream. =]

What did you use to open .skb files?

‘-’ Please, because I’m trying to rip those models too.
Thanks in advance.