American Muscle Car

My first car =p

I dont have a name for it, if it looks like any cars you know of, then give the name.

No, the pictures don’t work

Yes they do.

The only complaint i have is that i think the wheels are to big.
Other than that it looks pretty good.

The link isn’t working for me

Just let it load for a bit, should work.

Very nice for your first car, the only thing is it seems like it should be a little wider.

It looks like a really beefy awesome Volvo 240. I’d say axe the blower, push the wheels inwards a bit and you’ve got an awesome car


^What he said, and use on individual picture links

Great Job! I remember that first pic in the link. Also my humvee in the back of that shot!

The wheels stick out from the side and look like they came off a 1997 Peugeot, also please use [IMG] Tags.

Looks really small. A few tips, don’t make your windshield out of props and you probably shouldn’t use those shitty PHX wheels, unless if you did some parenting job to a working one.

What non-phx wheels do you use then?

I always use the race-wheels from phx. They are smooth, Don’t sink, Are wide respectively slim and look good.

The wheels he’s using are the older ones that do sink.

I sort of read it as that you said that all phx wheels are shitty.

Good thing I clarified it then?

I suppose

Very nice, at least compartivly to mine. I make planes, because my cars fail.
what prop(s) are you using for the windshield?


People have lost the image of a classic american muscle car… One of the worst iconic images of a “NEW” American Muscle car is the big wheels. I can’t think of a classic muscle car that had bigger wheels then 18". Maybe Wide wheels but not big wheels.