American paramilitary shots.

Uh oh. Here goes cornbread with another of his wild and crazy screenshots. I experimented, as you can see, with different angles and placement. As for the criticism, be as harsh and blunt as you can, as I am immune to your snide insinuations.


A paratrooper is awaiting his finest hour

Second image, first angle:

In the perspective of another paratrooper

Second image, second angle.

“Ok, maggot. You’re up!”

Only really liked the first image, it has the best angle… the other ones has bad angels, that catches the scene wrong…

Yeah, I was just experimenting on angles and perspectves.

Great camera angle and pretty nice depth-of-field in the first picture. The others have bad angles and bad blur. Also, get some good weapon models.


These guys don’t look like paramilitary by the way.

The first angle is nice, but the bloom on the sky looks tad strong.
The rest of the angles are just wrong.

What Chesty said.


And don’t use GM Bigcity.

The stock m4 kinda ruins it.