American Patrol being attacked by a German squad + Bonus picture

Hey, some new poses, I tried my best at blood so bear with me.

C&C and Credits too Bloo for the models, and the person who uploaded RnL props and models, and me for the posing and editing.

Last picture was just a test for the editing + blood, so don’t mind it, also the first one was just another test for DoF.

The blood is fine, it is just too bright. If you could pose the originals with tags then that would be helpful, maybe someone else would like to edit. Honestly I think these poses are great.

Some of the posing doesn’t look too good, but then others do, which is a tad strange. The blood is probably what everyone is going to jump on, it’s just too bright and looks too much like a brush. Also I would suggest you move closer to your subject. There’s too much unused space.

Why tank you :smiley:

Posing is… just about okay. Camera angles need to be closer. The blood is terrible, it needs to be much darker.

how is that plane still intact

Airbags :science:


I guess the blood would look nice in a Sin City version (black and white with bright white blood.
and that crashed plane…don’t feel right

The blood does not look like its coming off the soldiers, rather its just painted on a picture if you know what I mean.

The plane crash and the sniper picture was just a editing and bloom/DoF test to get the picture just right. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Posing is pretty decent on all but plane picture. As stated before, blood needs work.

That solder has fucking Paint in his vains!

Blood is tooo bright.

is it me or do u keep using these models to make people jealous