American real cops

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C&C Please!

So uh…what time do you want me to skip to again?

you’re definitely improving, keep it up and we might just stop saying “X is Y, X’s revenge is begin”

I just wrote so that it was better to be seen(sorry for my weak english ;D)

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Ok, thank you!

oh, ho ho, fat jokes.

Fuck da police.

Lens flare doesn’t fit. But it’s nice though.

That hurts
But it’s true…

Police has eaten.

Justice is begun.

Thank you guys!

Everyone but the 38 cent guy and the tiny fat cop looks they are floating. At least on of their feet aren’t touching the ground.

No, they are not floating

Heavy is hovering :v: It’s pretty good tho.

Heavy is sipping Milkshake, Vegan revenge begin.

The magnitude of your failure to get the joke right encompasses the entire Earth.