American shooting down a german while another american does the Usain Bolt sign

By bodenlan at 2009-09-13

Posing isn’t so hot. Especially on the Americans.

Also, maybe it’s just me but the Americans don’t seem to fit into the picture. It almost looks like you cut and pasted them in there.

Faint shadows make everything seem very unreal.
The posing on the Yank shooting is really bad.
The bloom and blur is excessive.
The smoke is too opaque.
PPsh for an American soldier? When would he have had the chance to get one?

Lighting, apart from the bloom, is really nice as usual. Blood is good although perhaps it should be motion-blurred a little.

The blood looks sweet.

At first I thought the Soldier was trying to do some sort of Saturday night fever dance.

The posing is just so unlikely on all 3 of them, was this supposed to be funny?

In war

Unless this is towards the very, very end of the war, there would have been no chance for an American soldier to get hold of a Russian weapon.

Well yes the posing looks really off but I posed it like the shooting american soldier was sliding on the ground while shooting, it looks more like it from other angles.

I kind of understand what you mean. Perhaps some motion blur would have helped get the point across? Poses that look good from one angle and bad from another are so irritating, happens quite a lot.

totally man

Kinda funny the amount of pictures of PPSH41 in the wrong hands this week
Anyway good posing in my opinion but is that smoke coming out, just part of the wall, or bird poo?

I love the American on the left. He makes me laugh.

why are people rating him dumb

i for one enjoy this

I guess they just aren’t cool like us

They’re giving him boxes to help him build a Giant Usain Bolt!

Posing looks a little odd, but it looks pretty good.