American Sniper Being Shot By Offscreen German Sniper

Just some editing practice.

The white stuff is supposed to be dust :crossarms:

Also emotionless solder is emotionless.

Wide camera angle works quite well. Depth-of-field is nice. Lighting and shading is good.

I was afraid of doing the wide angle shot, but it was the only way of getting the sun beams in the shot :frowning:

And thanks ;d

Some of the dust particles are quite big but its cool.

The lightning is nice

Ooh, the irony. Sniper got sniped. Good pose and edit.

cool i like the dust in the light :3

I tried to erase the bigger ones that I saw… I guess some slipped my eyes :<

Thanks all for the comments.

Any more comments?


I thought the editing look pretty good.


I thought it did too.



why is the bullet exit at an angle unless the sniper was shooting him from underground

otherwise nice job


unless its the entry

did i do bad

Because when he was hit his body arched back from the impact, causing a angled shot.