American soilder walking in Vietnamese Jungle [Scene Build]

Orignal: [/media]

Scene Build:

C&C. Hope you like it.

Very nice, editing could of used a lil more but really dunno what myself. I love the scenebuild though, Heres a paint.

The low-res/ugly plant on the front kills the picture… But the scenebuild and the editing seem really nice mate.

Yeah, i know. Im going to avoid using them in the future.
shame really.

Not bad but the low-res plants kill it. The burning on the soldier is fairly decent but without any shading on the plants it looks quite out of place.

The low res CSS gun ruins is also

Why is there a m4 in the pic unless its well xm117…

Use some Super-DoF next time, to blur out the low-res plants in the front. But cool scenebuild

Pretty awesome I’d say. Makes me want to do a Crysis pose.

it looks vietnam guy



Ok, thanks for the advice.

Dont bother me with gun technicalities because i know nothing about them.