AMERICAN soldier crushed underneath a tank and his eyes roll back into his head.

haha damn thats sucks! pretty awesome stuff.

What in gods name is with that sand texture O_O

Tank is too small and sand- GOOD GOD!!!

I can see you used the L4D gutmodel. In my opinion it should be deeper in the tank. Now it just looks like that’s the second thing that crushed him.

yea lol, it rather looks like a carpet

Good editing with the Marine and the L4D corpse but damn that sand texture and the textures on that tank suck.

why is he being run over by an abrams.

Are they fighting on a solid plate of gold?

real men fight on gold

Doesn’t even look like a tank.

Obvious photoshop is obvious.

The soldier shadow is proportionate

Well captain obvious

I see what you did thar

He’s having a good time.

Reminds me of BOB. Nice work.


Nice posing. And wtf at the sand O_O

The sand is made of CORN! :open_mouth:
the rest of the screen is very good!

Why is AMERICAN so bold? Wanna make sure all the “hurf durf amerika sux” kids come?

I didn’t know terrorists had tanks now! Get to zeh bunka!