American Soldier Moving in on Off-Screen Enemies

** WARNING; May be bright**[/MEDIA]
(Media’d for brightness)



Another One!



Okay, so this is my first time EVER editing snow, into a picture without a tuorial, I think I did it pretty good!(especially during a Hangover) P.S There was a version without the mist/stuff and I would of included it, but I accidentaly saved over it with the final product. My Bad. :ohdear:
C&C as always! (<–Critical)

2 Comments (One of which being my Own) and 65 views?! What the heck guys! :saddowns:

The now looks surprisingly nice for a first time, but it needs more depth(it looks kinda 2D).
And the pic is not that bright :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, the head of the soldier looks too arsed to the right.

Yeah, I’m still kinda practicing my generic poses, and for the brightness; Hence the ‘May’ in the OP (“May be Bright”) :stuck_out_tongue: and the depth I’m owrking on a seco- I mean thrid version hopefully better (and I’ll probably just make a new picture/pose, but yeah Thanks for the comment! and I didn’t notice that his head was tilted so far until just now :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated OP! :buddy:

I like it :smile: . But next time…make it darker, was way to bright.

Posing seems off but the editing is nice enough.

looks pretty nice