American soldier shoots up three German soldiers with his thompson (first person)

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Looks very good mate, Although i see no blood? Love the first person though!
Artistic +1!

smoke impact? quite nice.

I didn’t feel like adding a lot of blood, but there are speckles.

I wish I could see it, because it’s hard to see how good it is with a PS3. But what I can see it’s very nice.

You’re browsing Facepunch on a PS3?

yeah the zoom sucks on the browser though XD

Pretty good, I like it altough there could had been a few blood impacts.

Whenever I add blood it makes the picture look worse.

after zooming in alot really have an appreciation for the pic

well thanks brah

I think it’s better without blood

Unrealistic, germans are invulnerable!

It looks pretty good, but some small red blood clouds would give the pic a nice touch : )

Why does the Germanys bleed dust???

Because Germanys are made of stone. Everyone knows that.

Agreed, blood does not always necessarily spurt out when you first shoot someone anyway, especially if its a German solider wearing a lot of clothing.

i accidently an english?

Reminds me of COD.


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