American soldier with a trench gun.

I’m not an expert editor but i try to get better, so don’t be to harsh. C&C please.

Well the muzzle flash wouldnt be there by the time the shell is ejecting, since it is a pump action weapon. Unless thats the shell from a previous shot, and he pumped it and fired again at lighting speed. :v:

Other than that, posing needs a ton of work (Right arm clipping with torso, thumb on the right hand looks messed up) and the smoke coming off the shell is a bit blue.

Muzzle flash is good though. Maybe make it a touch smaller.

i suggest turning his upper torso more


and also you don’t have to have the hand perpendicular to the gun… infact holding it at like a 45 degree angle is much more natural/comfortable and won’t cause clipping on most models.

His arms look weird.

Is the smoke blueish?

You can hold the trigger and pump the gun at the same time, resulting in a fast rate of fire. The UN later banned the function for some reason.

Good luck slam firing a 12 gauge shotgun while its shouldered.

That’s quite good, but the lefty is thumbing the back of the handle. :clint: