American Soldier with Gas Mask

Tell please, you can make such model? I such anywhere did not see, all hope of you =)

This is picture:

Search more before making a useless thread, search up HGrunts and you should find them.

Ill say: such any where did not see

I search without the box filter-absorbing… Will these suit your needs?

emmmm, nope.
Here, as on a picture.
He have Woodland or Desert 6-color camo, old gas mask (white or chaki colour, and this is wearing on the full head)
I think this soldier of Operation Desert Storm times.

I like those old gasmasks because they totally made whoever wore them look like Darth Vader or something.

OK, this makes sense. It’s MOPP gear he wants, hence why he looks like he’s wearing a snowsuit.

I second this request.

And modern clothes MOPP are very similar on HECU=))

The HECU player model in the old Half Life was very crappy, (not high definition [was called in that time])
but it did have the same suit. A pack, that gasmask, the same helmet and different clothes.

Also would be magnificent if it would be made in several camouflages: Woodland, Desert 3-colour, ACU and Multicam

So basically you want a soldier in Desert Storm gear?

I want a MOPP gear (old version, as in drawing)
And different camos for helmet and uniform - Woodland, Desert 3-color, ACU, Multicam. (Last 2 are not obligatory, but it’s cool if they wiil be made)

The solution is to utilize a range mw2 and to add him a chewed of gas of linch and kane…


Utilize these link…

I am afraid not, because:
Gasmask must be old (as in a picture)

oh, looks like you want the M17 Gas mask, then. The HECU models have that one, so…

Still used today, actually.

Yeah, M17 real looks so cool. And this is i am need.

I like East German gas masks more.

Those pictures are not of the same gasmask.

He’s requesting a model with the nowadays less used m17 gasmask, with built in filters on both sides.
The last picture you posted were a m40 gasmask, with the filter on one side only. It’s the one that the HECU models use too.

There’s a m17 gasmask model in the game* "ShellShock** 2: Blood Trails*".
Here’s a request thread I made for it a while ago: [url=]LINK

It looks like the exact same thing without a covering. While I don’t know if it would function correctly without it, would it not be entirely possible for the filter to only be attached on one side and have a possible set of 2? Do you have to have a filter on both sides for it to function, or could it just be the same mask with only 2 filter on?

By the way, if it doesn’t work that way and I’m wrong, feel free to give me boxes and such.

These two gasmask both look and fuctions very different.

The m17 has two smaller filters on each side of the gasmask.
They’re built in, and a little harder to change. Both filters are required.

The m40 has one filter, that you can switch from side to side on the gasmask,
so you’re still going to be able to aim if you’re going to hold your rifle left handed.
I guess you could put two filters on it, but it only needs one.