American soldiers burning(after being shot)

just a quickie, was bored. so here

That’s a fucking horrible subject matter, but a damn nicely posed picture.

you morbid fuck , you.

:wink: thank ya

If I was on fire, I’d either A) flail around like a retard or B) stop, drop, and roll. These guys are doing neither.

The fire looks odd in some places, specifically on the soldier on the ground, but otherwise nice lookin work.

fire looks floating in some places, theres also some like blocky fires
color should be more orange too
overall pretty nice


the guy on the left somewhat seems to be doing the former and the guy on the right seems to be doing the latter

so no,

i disagree

Needs more orange in my opinion, but damn, looks cool.

I hate myself for saying “looks cool” :saddowns:

Fire edit is excellent. Hell of a way to go I must say.

Fire changes color depending on heat white means it’s really fucking hot.

Kinda too big fire.

It’s okay. Kinda crappy models though and there are some really square edges to the smoke in places.

Rated Info. But I still think the edges of the flames should be more orange/red.

Not it’s about right.

I also agree with other posters… One way to fucking go.

Imagine guys which got hit by napalm… One account from an American soldier said he heard the man scream ,and then watched the skin almost turn into ask leaving a black skull beneath the flesh ,and burning muscle.

That is why you don’t stand near the guys with the flame thrower.

thanks for the input guys