American soldiers entering a train yard while a car burns (First person)

Click here to view the large and high resolution version

Also took a while to make.

holy shit nice

You sure you didn’t just take a picture?

that is pretty damn epic

Equally as nice as your last. Great.

I love those pictures where your very first impression is ‘woah’ and this is definitely one of it

Did you steal a screenshot from another game? I can’t tell if this was in gmod.

I especially like the fire, extremely well done, just imagine fire like that in a video game

Yeah I took it from Photoshop 2: Return of the Pixels

Oh wow.

This is fucking amazing. Fantastic work.

Holy funk-ing sh*t epic… one if not the best edits on the site freakin ace job there Uberslug

Goddamn thats pretty.

The fire and the puddle are absolutely perfect, and I love the atmosphere.

I only have one question, when I look at the higher res version the fire, puddle, and solder almost look… painted… Its really cool looking, how did you do it?

Uber, you never cease to impress.

I think it’s the post-processing that I do to make it looks more like a digital photo, but a lot of the stuff is painted in Photoshop.

Fantastic stuff, Uberslug

The fire and the puddle looks fantastic, the rest is great as well.

I lol’d, Also, In later news, THAT PICTURE IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! caps

As much as it pains me to say… The fire looks a bit like lava. That is the ONLY critisism that i can come up with after staring at the picture for a few minutes.

Very nice.

thx bros