American soldiers fly over their objective in a black hawk helicopter

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Also took a while to make.


retard face

“I can see my house from here! Look!”

Shame about the faceposing and your broken Gmod that means you have to turdy default CSS w_models (with stupid silencers).

He’s holding his gun a bit awkward.
Other than that it is nice. Everything else looks fine.

What a boring picture

Do I see some clipping there? :raise:


Face posing is lolz. Rest is nice. Wait, why ze hell did you use the default CSS M4? Shame on you.

said why in my last thread

Reminds me of Black Hawk Down somewhat.

Nice. We forgive you.

Where do these models come from? Good picture! Rated funny.

I think they got released last week or so. Check the releases section (America’s Army 3 ragdolls)

Pretty bad pose really, you could of spent a little more time on it.
Even if your Gmod is fucked, you could use better soldier models, the America’s army ones look awful and out of place.
A pretty boring and generic pose overall.
The only thing that is significantly nice is the editing. Just because you are a moderator, doesn’t mean you can make crap poses and expect praise.

We’ve seen what you can do, like with that last pose. Don’t stop trying.

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I can’t read.

Still the editing makes it look good

Acually, he can. Watch him.

Can what?

Do the can-can?

Awful?! there really good what`s awful about them

And the_J_hat means that Uberslug can make crap, and then expect praise and i also believe he can :slight_smile:

Exactly, he’s a mod, we’re the lower beings, DO THE MATH!