American soldiers on patrol through the streets of Paris

Title is meh >.<

:hitler: fucked up bad and made sum zombies kekeke.

Haven’t posed in a while. I did not like how this turned out. C&C anyways I guess.

Edit: [media] doesn’t work :o:

Guy with the thompson has an awkward arm but it looks good, nice overall

Yeh. If you mean the right arm, he’s pulling out a mag. I didn’t get it in the angle tho >.<
Anyways thanks. Also Hettlage and the other building are scenebuilt

Not bad. Good posing, nice models and an impressive amount of props and ragdolls. It’s nice that the poses are slightly more interesting than the usual generic stuff.


Damn, if these guys ever get released though (haha, rate me optimistic if you like) someone should reskin the hands so they don’t look like they’ve been working a punch bag for six hours.

Thanks Chesty <3.
I really hate how I didn’t get the mag in the angle though. I like the finger posing I did on it :v:

Hm, I’ve just realised that these guys look like Marines, or at least their helmets are definitely that of the Marines, so they shouldn’t really be in Paris.

A negligible issue though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know :v: But only marines from waw. So I guess people are gonna have to yell at me for using mahreenz in Paris. c:

omg, super nice models
posing looks stiff

Next time, doing a pose based in Europe with these soldiers, use the regular helmet bodygroup, not the UMSC Pacific helmet.

Overall a nice pose, but that Thompson guy’s arm looks weird.


Oh I see, he’s reaching for his mag.