American soldiers walking through the mountains

edit: thedutch-guy
me: pose, [of course] the scene-build

There in Russia or something :stuck_out_tongue:



Thats actually rather good!

Posing* on the most upright person looks a bit awkward but other then that man, nice work.

Thanks for giving me credit for the edit.

It’s meh. The posing looks kinda stiff and the depth-of-field, fog, bloom and contrast makes everything in the picture blur into each other with a lack of any detail.

Here`s is the original cause the link above is down for some reason

The camera is horribly fish-eyed and the blur is too strong. This explains why there is no detail in the final image.

Ugh, shut up and go insult someone else, you could at least give some tips. Youre maybe good at editing but sometimes youre really an asshole >:(

Cry some more. I’m not insulting you, I’m insulting your picture and that other bloke’s edit. You shouldn’t take it nearly so personally - it makes you look like a child.

And as for tips… what more do you need? In terms of posing and camera angle you should be intelligent enough to read between the lines. No one should have to spell everything out for you so you can improve - Garry’s Mod and Photoshop are all about experimentation and finding things out for yourself. Regardless, when I say “the camera is horribly fish-eyed”, guess what tip that is? That’s right! “Don’t make the camera fish-eyed”. When I say “the blur is too strong” it means “tone down the blur”.

Seriously, is it too much to ask for people to think for themselves every now and then?

Darn you with youre lines youre right. :killdozer: Ow and cry?:smug:

Looking back, my language in the posts before #9 was far from pleasant. Accept these hearts as an apology.



everyone happy again

looks good, the first thing i thought when i saw this was “what are those things hanging from their faces” but it appears they are part of the background, i could be mistaken

Those soldiers really remind me of OFP