American tankman (Crewman) 1980-1990 years.

I decided to add their own hands to this wonderful addon, multiple subjects. That would transform infantrymen in tankers. The model is: bodygroup and skins. Models mask, tank helmet and points you took away: It is based on the model here: Sorry for the bad screenshots speak bad treatment in Photoshop = (

The following resources are used:

US.Army Gulf War models:
Crysis2 Operators (Ddok1994) :

Link Download:

Pics arent working.

Strangely, I have everything working.

You’re using Dropbox right? You probably have them set to Private or something, because the rest of us can’t see it. Just use a normal image host.

Download doesn’t work either. And fix those pics so I can see what I’m downloading…

I got it today for some reason it hangs heavily, I use a regular photo hosting (

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Thanks, did not notice that the link is broken. already I correct


Well, you have done a good job on the hack, but those gas masks look out of era, and the glasses are just hanging in they’r noses… Check that; still being a good job