American troops taking cover from German fire

First attempt at tracers; and I haven’t posted anything in a while. And it’s a bit of a belated 1 year FacePunch-Day :stuck_out_tongue:[/media]


Comments and criticism please!

Edited pic ain’t loading sir.

The link is working, but it is a pretty big image though…

Posing on the running german’s back leg is too far back. The muzzleflash looks like a laser.

The posing on the runnin n gunnin German is really bad. Posing on the Americans looks pretty good though.

The tracers aren’t really necessary. Also, the muzzleflash is too yellow for my taste.

fucking awesome camera angle

Thanks for the comments so far guys. As far as the tracers and muzzleflash go, I agree that the flash is a bit too yellow. But I was just practicing with the tracers; is there any way that I can improve them, and tell when to use them?

More comments are welcome!

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