Americans getting fucked by zombies


Let’s hope he’s a level 6 medic.

One of those zombies seem to be … A little too … :smug:

Thread title is very suggestive


I was expecting rape :C

Or at-least some form of hot American chick getting rammed by a flesh eating zombie which is tearing chunks of flesh off her ass to dip in the juice of her dead boyfriend.

Uh…I don’t know how to respond to that.

Eeh! Ryu-Gi was perm banned. Are you his replacement?

I was promised zombie on human action. I am disappointed in you


The troop and zombie in the background look like they’re in a love scene… :tinfoil:

Impossible. Ryu-Gi at least had a developed sense of humor.

Damn, i expected some good zombie porn. Well, it’s ok anyways.

Even if he was, he probably wouldn’t survive. :frown:

Nice pose there, Hunter. A real good one.

I was expecting a nazi-zombie gang bang.

The zombies look cool.

and hunter you make too many threads in the screenshot forum. It’s like 3 a day.


the zombie at the back to the right’s posing looks kind of bad

I thought he was actually “getting fucked” by zombies.

nice zombies man
but soldier’s posing is stiff

the zombies theyre beautiful