Americans Liberate Town in the Ukraine+Dawww Factor

Finally fixed my Anti-aliasing problems,thanks bloo :buddy:


Daww Factor:

do not save as .png you tit, jpg is superior.

They are the same quality in terms of pixels, but JPG does load faster, while PNG supports transparency, so in effect both are superior over one another.

Also, where can I has map?

I thought Jpeg has worser quality than png?,if i am wrong,sorry my mistake

Ah i see,thanks for clearing that up

100% quality jpeg is barely any less perfect than a png, at least not to any obvious degree by eye.

pngs are just impractical for forums, especially if you’re using a mediocre filehost.

And it’s not Daww if its a 3d Model

If I remember correctly Png does indeed have better quality but you usually won’t see a difference unless you have an image with a number of very sharp colour transitions.

The biggest issue is resaving as JPEG - save a jpeg image, edit it save as jpeg again. That tends to seriously worsen the quality. If you plan to do any edits, save the original i na tga.

PNG is lossless, JPEG is lossy. However, if you’re exporting straight out of an image editor and save the JPEG at 100% quality, you won’t notice the difference. It isn’t until you start decoding/re-encoding JPEG pictures that you’ll see the difference.

Edit: Ninja’d

Americans “liberating” a town and cheering people?
Don’t be silly.

Whoah man, careful there, you’re gonna cut someone with that wit!

(hint: those kinds of jokes are really played out and not particularly funny anymore, and this is someone who loves to take the piss out of the US saying this)

Where did you get that truck model from?


That cat frightening me